Brexit . Napoleon’s prophecy…

From the Heroes’ Heaven in the clouds Napoleon may be witnessing that his vision for a greater and deeper union of Europe is being accomplished, without England.

The empire that was Napoleon aspiration is very similar to the European Economic Community and did not include the land of English that he called “The   Perfidious Albion”.

The concept of the European Community as an amalgamation of nations also resembles Napoleons rule over Europe, which besides the strength of his army was also ‘an empire of the laws” of his Civil Code.

The compilation of laws known as the “Code Napoleon”, which is still the basic framework of civil, criminal and administration laws of most European nations is comparable to the regulations imposed to member nations by the European Parliament.

If Napoleon visited Bruxells today he would be delighted to tag along the” Brexit” negotiations.

The “Brexit” split does not mobilize armed legions but the mood of the talks is distinctive of the Napoleonic spirit of one La Grande Armée”, consisting of a high percentage of volunteers from most European Nations mobilising against England.

“Brexit” is not only carving up the divide between the Continent and the British Isles, but it is also opening a can of worms of the possible integration of Northern Ireland with the rest of Ireland and separatist moves like Scotland.

Napoleon may have been absolute ruler but he was a champion of an united Europe, without  England and “Brexit” may be his prophecy.


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