Brexit …The “Imperial hangover”

Britain wants to leave but cannot come to a final decision how to cut ties with Europe.

The prolonged Brexit crisis is having the negative effect of opening further cracks in the community, setting in motion further breakup risks, as other emerging dissonant voices, like Italy or the Eastern Europe nations, start to question the merit of staying in the Union.

Britain‘s role in Europe led by conservatives, has been most divisive, constantly provoking controversy around the table of Brussels.

England never participated fully in the  Europe integration  when it demanded  a special privileged status  to  keep trading with Pounds, while most members had disband their currencies.

Centuries of animosity cast a shadows suspicion in the history of relationship between Europe and Britain.

The chronicle of antagonism comes from the origin and expansion of the British Empire, built in detriment of European influence in the World.

The island  expansion started as a corsair nation, prowling on Spanish  and Portuguese trade routes, chasing  France from the from North  America and India ,grabbing  South Africa from the Dutch ,  assassinating India’s  Grand Mogul  , stealing his  Kohinoor diamond to adorn the  British crown jewells or by Invading the Boer republics in South Africa to reap the benefits of controlling the gold and the diamonds.

Brittan even imposed an ultimatum to his long standing and loyal ally in 1890, forcing  Portugal to relinquish its vision of linking its colonies of Mozambique and Angola across the centre of Africa ,  establishing instead the British their presence in territories eventually known as Northern and Southern Rhodesia.

In the European region context Britain colonised and imposed dreadful feudal rule over   Ireland for centuries.

Even today does not let go the grip over Northern Ireland, thus preventing a united Ireland while it imposed the virtues of self determination and liberation to the European colonies.

For centuries Britain lived in a self-centredness isolation, protected by its Navy and Grand Empire, but the shift of World power, trade influence and economic supremacy to America and  lately to China and the Asian Tigers, led to the island’s irreversible  decline .

It is probably significant that  Britain’s iconic automobile industry  brands , like Aston Martin today belong to Kuwait , Jaguar and Land  Rover  to India ,Lotus to Malaysia, MG to China and Bentley and Mini  to Germany.

The most expensive property in England is in the hands of Indian and Arab nations investors.

Britain’s Brexit encapsulates the mentality of a nation that used to impose and give orders to the rest of the World and that woke up manifestly weaker in a dispirited state of mind of “imperial hangover”.

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