When royalty was not inclusive…

The king who lost his crown for a divorcee

The touch of magic and fantasy of a Disney animated movie came alive last year in a reality show filmed on location of the magnificent Windsor Castle.

That was when Henry, the prince charming got married, in a multicultural and multicolour celebration with the magnitude of Hollywood production, to his Cinderella, Meghan Markle, a mixed race American divorcee and movie star.

Now they just had a baby, who was admired with awe by Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II , when she was shown the latest royalty arrival by Harry and Megan a couple of days ago.

However ,there was a time, not long ago, when it would be unthinkable in the English court for the King of England to marry a divorced woman.

The town of Windsor , where the royal wedding  celebration took place  ,was precisely where the British reigning monarch Edward VIII in 1936, had to abdicate from the throne for the woman he loved and to be downgraded from King  to a lesser pompous title of the Duque of Windsor  .

That was in the era when   British Empire dominated the world, and the King Edward VIII intention to marry the American divorced socialite Wallis Simpson raised fierce opposition and the veto from the Church England, the Prime ministers of the United Kingdom and the Dominions to the extent of creating that constitutional crisis 

That was the sad romantic story of Edward VIII, the king  that renounced the British throne after reigning for less than 11 months, that chose to become an outcast from the British  court to  live the rest of his life in “exile” in France, Riviera and Monaco , because he decided to marry, an American divorcee  .

A couple of years later yet another member of the royal family , Princess Margaret, sister the queen of England Elizabeth II, and second in line to the throne, was also forced to relinquish her plans to marry  with man she loved , the Royal Air Force war hero Captain Peter Townsend .

Once more the Church of England, the Parliament and the Queen herself refused to allow the marriage and the Princess had to decide not to wed the captain or being stripped of all of her royal privileges (including her income).

The times  and traditions changed however when prince Charles, the current heir to throne of England married ,the love of his life ,the  divorced socialite Camilla Parker Bowles, the change that undoubted paved the way to the recent  Prince Harry’s wedlock .

Had King Edward VIII been allowed to marry the American divorcee and not abdicated Queen Elizabeth II would have not become the Queen, but a mere nice of the then reigning monarch.

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