Patronising Bastards …The great Brexit deceit

“They tried to gag him. Smear him. Even tried to get him fired .Quentin Letts: The man they could not silence”.

Unloved by many and feared by even more, Quentin Letts is a controversial personality in the British literary circles.

The main reason is that the popular newspaper columnist has been on a mission to reveal in his books, radio and TV broadcasts “how the elites betrayed Britain”.

The crucial issue is the Brexit deceit.

The English people voted to leave Europe but the politicians and their  accomplices prevented it from happening.

Quentin Letts vigorous ,no holds barred and amusing style of his comments exposes the “ faux-liberal” British elites ,their dubious morals, and their  “acquired a taste for ignoring public opinion “to  impose a  political correctness that becomes “an enemy of free speech”.

His influence in the British intellectual cluster comes from his no nonsense chronicles denouncing the hypocrisy of Britain social elites and its double standard attitude towards people, that they secretly disdain, but that in public pretend to adulate.

Quentin Letts has published books ranging from socio political satire to children’s stories and fiction, like the novel the “Speakers Wife”.

The political columnist analysis of the British elite, that  has generated an uproar reaction and scared the so called “politically correct” ,is encapsulated in books with “self-explanatory” titles like “Bog Standard Britain “ and “ 50 People Who Buggered up Britain”, describing how mediocrity ruined Great Britain.

Quentin Leets latest work “Patronising Bastards: How the elites Betrayed Britain” goes a little further, by making a list of 100 people, belonging to the elite that according to the author  have deceived Britain .

The feeling described by Quentin Letts is not restricted to Great Britain but it is the voice against a syndrome that is emerging all over the world : a political elite that controls de media, conveying messages and ideas which are completely divorced from the aspirations and desires of the man in the street.

That cost Theresa Maythe leadership of the Conservative Party and the British Prime Minister’s job…

Theresa May (who features at no 47 of Quentin Letts 100 personalities list ) is the third leader of the Conservatives to quit as  Head of Government  , just after David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher back in 1990 , due to  European Union membership disputes.

The frustrations of the larger segment of the society, marginalised by an intolerant and manipulative elite, can be illustrated in the outcome of recent elections with independent candidates, without political parties or establishment connections, picking up more votes than career politicians… and comedians with no political experience getting elected Presidents .

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