Weston , a small town in America…

Weston is a South Florida town bordering the Everglades tropical wetlands wildlife reserve.

What makes the city Weston interesting, besides being adjacent to world renowned swamp marshlands, is that it is a city that was developed by a Walt Disney World town planning company, which specializes in theme parks in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Weston urban town center architectural style concept takes direct inspiration from the downtown quarter of Disney World, but there are other significant environmental friendly features following the best guidelines of urban planning that are worth mentioning.

The most important principle was that the town  was built for people, not to impress the visitors with high rise buildings or grand government edifices, by setting emphasis in wide open spaces and a lavish “Green” infrastructure.

Since the completion of the first homes in 1994 property investment in Weston has showed a return of about 60 % .

That may be why Weston was rated in 2015 one of the Ten Best Towns for Families and ranked in 2006 the 19th in America in the “Biggest Earners” category, with a median family income of $119,689.

We found an ideal an ideal place to stay in Weston for the period of three or four weeks, when I visit Southern Florida; it is called Vacation Village that offers all the comfort that a voyager needs. This is not an advertorial for a holiday resort but a genuine a statement based in a frequent guest experience.

We have explored  Florida  over the last couple of years and for a holidaymaker and sightseer Weston is ideally positioned to visit the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico , like Naples , Trump’s Palm Beach ,  Miami South Beaches  or  even Hollywood ( yes there is a delightful beach with that glamorous name in the area ).

Orlando amusements parks and NASA’s space odyssey Cape Canaveral are also about three hours away.

For thousands of South American travellers, that daily hunt shopping bargains ,Weston has also the  advantage of being a couple of minutes distance from Sawgrass Mills ,the shopping Mecca and the biggest retail centre in the of United States East Coast .

A another small town in the area called Davie boasts typical Old West ranches ,lots of horse stables ,cowboys and even rodeo events.

So what more do you want?

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