Castella Amare Melkbosstrand


The main entrance is across a small, covered threshold, through a heavy timber door, which leads into a sparsely decorated area with bits and pieces of the past and a couple of gawky framed amber colour photographs.

The main living area is a fairly unimpressive room ,big enough for setting three or four old-fashioned tables.

Despite the apparent meagre furnishing and housekeeping the place possesses a rustic cabin character, anticipating a memorable and comfortable stay.

Through the large glass windows the scenery is beautiful and serene, quiet and cool.

 We can faintly hear a small rustle of the waves and tall tangled seaweed in the surrounding ocean.

Behind these doors and frugal atmosphere lies one of the best hidden secrets of the Cape West Coast seaboard.

A first glance the restaurant menu looks unimpressive, with dishes what any other eating place would offer. Queen prawns, peri peri chicken, trinchado, kingklip, sole, hake fish and chips, pizzas and burgers…

To find the difference you have to dig in and taste the food and the cooking artistry that singes the taste buds with erotic pleasure.

A mysterious blend of ingredients contributes to the taste, texture, and appearances of the succulent tan chewy sauces, sparingly sprinkled throughout the dishes, delivering quite intense flavours.

An unbeatable suggestion for gastronome with a discerning palate. is the Seaside Platter, with queen prawns, calamari steak, baby squid, calamari tentacles, hake fish and half shell mussels with “cha cha porra sauce”.

This dish delivers a great taste but the Mussel bowl in creamy white wine cannot be ignored if you are looking for rewarding snack.

The staggering savoury sauces and different ways of being crafted can easily be adapted in diverse culture which makes the eating experience that more rewarding.

Food of this stature should be a sin, because of the texture and taste one person only keeps coming back for more repast misdemeanours.

Diligent waiters deliver these food wonders .

We never seen the cook or the owner of the venue.

Do they exist, or is it a fabrication of an imaginative gourmet ?

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