A Portuguese “Gallo” in Cape Town

Notwithstanding that my home cooking can compete with any reasonable standard restaurant ,I have always liked going out to eat, especially in early or mid week, when public eating places are not so busy.
The main reason is that you get  more attention from the staff and a much better chance of your meal being served in a more rapid pace.
Besides the food, my criteria for the selection for the best eatery, is based in the ambiance, the amount of money that I will spend and the waiting time to get a table and being served.

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Therefore it is a worthwhile occurrence when you find a restaurant that, in addition to provide a encouraging answer all these circumstances, offers Portuguese traditional cooking.
The place is “Gallo”, a recently opened venue in the Cape Town restaurant circuit.
The formula is simple: to provide a typical tasty Portuguese cuisine in a cosy and unassuming atmosphere and an efficient nippy service.

A look at the menu reveals a wide range Lusitanian and Madeira cuisine traditional dishes, such as the emblematic Grilled Codfish (so scarce in the list of local restaurants),Prawns National and, the “piece of resistance “the iconic Madeira cubed steak and maize” Trinchado” .
There are plenty more options in the other dishes and the “tapas”,and all within a very reasonable price tag.

“Gallo” restaurant , a superb combination of traditional Portuguese taste and flavours and an excellent bet for a pleasant night out.

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