Holiday cruises have changed significantly over the last couple of years from what a pleasant sailing experience restricted to a few affluent people to a fast growing industry that  transports more than 30 million passengers annually, generating  a global  revenue in excess of 140 billion US dollars .

The popularity of the holiday sailing cruises has expanded to international destinations ,  regional  routes and river cruises of all corners of the world.

The main reason is that the sailing vacations have become incredibly accessible to the general public, with the advent of low-cost packages for less than 100 dollars for a two-day cruise or a mere  270 US  dollars for five-day travel, to the Bahamas, both all-inclusive lodging and meals.

Going ashore in Nassau ,Bahamas

You may ask how is it possible to be served the best three meal gourmet cuisine and sleep in a all comfort  cabin for 5 day for less than US 300 dollars.

The answer may be in the fact that during the whole journey you will not be able to use your own bank cards ,but only the  cruise line issued debit card for all extras, such as entertainment, sports activities liquor and purchase in the vessel most diverse  shopping outlets.

New cruise liners offer unlimited onboard entertainment

Traditional cruise line usual calling on stunning destinations has nowadays shifted focus to more exciting onboard sports and action-packed activities, with some vessels providing racetracks for go-kart racing and multi-story aqua decks and waterfalls. There is also for the younger passengers all kinds of computer games alleys and that goes also for the ship’s debit card accounts.

The new generation of cruise liners can accommodate over 6.600 passengers use the latest state-of-the- art technologies and engineering to provide 80% of cabins with balcony or windows with “virtual reality” 80-inch displays screens with real-time views sights and sounds.

We have gone on these cruises recently and can indeed confirm that these ocean liners offer the best, as far entertainment and the most sophisticated cuisine, plus the temptation to use their debit cards for onboard shopping.

Bahamas ,Nassau , the “Black Sails” pirates fort

It is convenient and simple, it only becomes complicated when you get the bill for all the extras at the end of the voyage…

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