World’s Top Burger ?

Some legends are created not by big advertising budget campaigns but by hearsay and word of mouth.

What is certain is that an unconventional eating place was catapulted to celebrity status by  the endorsement of  famous media  personality , Oprah Winfrey ,featured in one her shows ,an accolade which  was worth much more than the most enthusiastic restaurant columnist reviews.

The influential men’s magazine GQ and various other media personalities followed the trend and have also corroborated the American television diva comment about Le Tub .  

As we enter Le TUB , the porch  with toilet and bathroom scrap scattered around the place looks like a bizarre gallery of a of an eccentric art collector.

Further on as we push through the junkyard of the broken down restroom paraphernalia we come to a very serene and appealing shaded garden with rustic cabin log style furniture .

We came here to confirm the judgment of the famous American television icon personality that considered LE TUB’s hamburger “the best in the country”.

Americans eat almost 50 billion hamburgers annually, which means an average of one  person has a meal the chopped beefsteak every two days.

In view of this monumental volume of consumption the accolade of being the best burger in the United States seems to be an impossible achievement.

The menu comes in a unpretentious A4 laser page offering a great variety of pizzas ,Mexican  ,pork , chicken, steaks ,ribs as mains and salads .

The seafood shrimp, crab, clams and tuna suggestions appear mouth watering.

We cannot be tempted by all these persuasive meal options because our mission at Le Tub is to test and judge what it is said to be one o the best burgers in America and possibly in the world.

And at last here it is .

We have ordered the famous La Tub Cheeseburger and besides the magnificent display of attractive and tantalizing texture , the massive sirloin has indeed the great taste that has been promised since we started this investigation.

It has been repeatedly said that one image is worth a thousand words and this exactly the truth .

The picture shows it all : the massive challenge  and gigantic test to the most daring client and demanding consumer of excellent food.

We can confirm that Le Tub hamburger in Hollywood  Beach , South Florida , deserves the title of one being of the best in America , if not best burger in the world.

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  1. Le Tub! What a great memory – hope to be back soon to have a tasty burger with great company. The photos were so much fun to view! So eclectic!

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