Up in the clouds

Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport, Broward County, Florida

7 January 2020

9.00 PM

We just took our seats. Carryon baggage is stowed securely.

We’ll be taking off momentarily…

Then the captain makes a short announcement about waiting for the flight plan.

In many years of flying, almost every week in my professional activity, I never heard about waiting for a flight plan, for a scheduled flight, shortly before departure …

Another forty minutes and the captain again informing that the aircraft is taking extra fuel.

Almost three hours later than schedule the plane takes off heading to the Arab Peninsula.

In my mind, it seems that the flight has been rerouted, probably due to current tension and belligerent activity in the Middle East.

Shortly afterward the in-flight entertainment system shows a short BBC news flash on the TV screen, informing that a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737, flight PS752, has crashed on Wednesday, soon after taking off in the Iranian capital.

 Tehran, Iran time is 8:30 hours ahead of Miami, United States. 9 PM in Fort Lauderdale is 6 AM in Tehran.

Maybe coincidental

A further BBC news update reveals that the Ukrainian jet may have been shot down precisely at the time that our flight was delayed at Lauderdale’s Hollywood Airport.

In the following days end speculation theories about what may have happened.

Iran admits shooting down the Ukrainian commercial plane, on January 8, over Tehran,  killing all 176 passengers and crew aboard.,

The tragic incident happened exactly in the same circumstances of the downing of another commercial, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, a passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, which was shot down on 17 July 2014 while flying over eastern Ukraine.

Both aircraft were hit by Russian made and supplied missiles, which is supposed to be an air “defense” system…

Dreadful and heartbreaking episodes of war and risk to commercial passenger planes, when such devastating weapons are put at disposal of governments that do not even know when and how to operate them.

Our flight managed to make for the time for the waiting and delay at Fort Lauderdale International airport, after one day over the Middle East skies …

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