Two impeachment stories

Sex & Lies

November 1995

Ms Monica Lewinsky joins the White House staff and begins an affair and sexual contact with President Bill Clinton that would last for approximately two years.

The rumors and saucy revelations of the romance of the American President with his secretary hit the sensationalist tabloids.

The sexually suggestive details of the relationship are supported by tapes of conversations with Monica obtained from one of her work colleagues. 

Clinton at first tries to deny the affair saying that there was” no improper relationship “with his employee.

The circumstances get complicated when other female staffers accuse him of “sexual harassment” in the workplace prior to being President.

The case drags for more than three years weakening the authority of the American presidency worldwide, a situation that Russia takes advantage by supporting the Serbian regime at the peak of the Balkans /Bosnia massacres.

The American lower legislative   House of Representatives, then controlled by the Republican Party decides to impeach Clinton on the grounds of “lying to Grand Jury , committing perjury and obstruction of justice”.

The impeachment process reaches the Senate, this time controlled by the Democratic Party which after lengthy deliberations gets Clinton off the hook.

Ukrainian Rhapsody

December 2019 …

25 years later the history repeats itself.

This time the lower legislative authority, the House of Representatives, now controlled by the Democratic Party, decided to impeach President Trump. The articles of impeachment are “abuse of power and obstruction of justice “.

The epicenter of the impeachment accusation is alleged deals between Trump and the President of Ukraine, a former media television stand up comedian. Ukrainian voters had decided last year to punish career politicians by choosing a slapstick humorist to the Presidency of their country.

Like what happened before the decision to impeach the current American President, independently, of the merit of the accusations, is dictated by political party interests.

Conversely, the Republicans now in control of the Senate, the upper house legislative power, will most likely vote against Mr. Trump’s impeachment.

That is how party politics work in American and in many societies where democracy does not serve the will of the people but the political parties’ agendas.

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