Corona virus … a global endeavour

The Corona virus epidemic raises a couple of perturbing questions.

The contagion comes from China, a country which is almost half o the population of the world ,living under an authoritarian regime, that controls media and all information sharing.

Unlike Africa ,where the Ebola malady has been striking sporadically in remote countries with limited outside contacts,China is the second most developed economy in the world .

The presence of Chinese goods and distribution channels is felt everywhere with the pandemic having a disastrous effect in the Chinese economy.

This is a fact that makes us wonder for how long this scourge has been happening ,without the authorities wanting to divulge such worrying news for the sake of protecting their export markets .

Taking in consideration the control of the government over the media it is possible to consider various disquieting factors, like the real scale of the internal spread of the disease and if we can rely on Chinese statistics and records.

Another troubling factor is that international communications, mainly air travel contribute to a faster spread of such virus .

While this happens ,the rest of the world is limited to try to control the confirmed cases of contamination ,without attacking the core and source of the virus in China itself.

These are some worrying questions to which China must answer and take the opportunity to show more clarity and transparency regarding this plague.

It does not serve this objective to quarantine and shut from rest of the country the affected cities in China ,so that nobody can see what is really going on.

To solve the problem  the Chinese authorities must give unlimited access  and open their country to the world’s heath organizations expertise and personnel ,so that they can determine the extension of the crisis , and make a real assessment  of what is really going on inside China .

The Chinese regime must therefore abandon  their “forbidden city” mentally and provide unrestricted access to  the  international health organizations  to try to tackle and solve the problem  ,with the input of the best doctors ,medicines , health research centers and institutions.

The eradication of the disease must be a global international action, that should  not restricted to the protection political and economic priorities by the Chinese regime.

Like what happened to the HIV outbreak ,the Corona virus disease is a global threat, that must be fought with all international resources available in the world , by finding vaccination and treatment to prevent it from spreading further .

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