China’s Conspiracy

Steve Bannon is a very influent personality in the American politics and media.

Most people agree it was his political strategy that made possible Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 elections.

Donald Trump rewarded Bannon with the high profile post of White House Chief Strategist, a job that he performed for only about seven months.

During his period he was the undisputed boss of the White House, leading the President’s inner circle and shaping executive decisions, a position which led to a lot of resentment and clashes with Trump’s staff.

Steve Bannon’s experience in the military , business, media, and political affairs started in the US Navy, then in high profile banking with Goldman Sacks, later in Hollywood producing various movies and eventually as renowned political analyst and commentator.

His dominance in the media continues unabated with “Breitbart News”, one of the most influential opinion-making platforms in America.

Therefore, his media authority views cannot be taken lightly, when he openly blames China for the curse of coronavirus the pandemic.

Bannon specifically bases his onion in the island democracy of Taiwan, the first country that alerted the world about the menace of coronavirus in early 2019!

Nobody listened to the vital information that the Republic of China had obtained about the deadly disease affecting mainland China, where the production of 2 billion masks and over 3 million protective clothing gear was already being manufactured in the first quarter of 2019.

Even the World Health Organisation, saying as late as January 2020, that there was no reason for alarm about the new type of flu, ignored the alerts from the island Republic of Taiwan.

Steve Bannon blames the Chinese Communist Party for imposing a total clampdown on information about coronavirus, impeaching any information about its danger coming to the West.

During an interview with the American television network Fox News this week Steve Bannon concludes that China’s silence about the virus and failure to report to the rest the world, while taking its own precaution measures, is now obvious.

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