Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular tourist attractions in America.

It is encroached in the Sierra Nevada Mountains along the state line of California and Nevada.

Three main activities attract visitors which are winter sports during the ski season, water sports during late spring, and early fall and gambling.

There are eleven ski resorts in the lake area, including Heavenly Mountain Resort, the largest ski area in California and Nevada and Squaw Valley, the venue that hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics, where the participation of the South African team is recorded in the history of this competition.

The lake length of  35 km and width of 19 km and an area of  496,2 km²,makes boating a major leisure sport in the summer, both for racing and recreation.

Lake Tahoe is also well known in the boating fraternity as hosting a rare showcase of wonderful old woodies, classic vintage wooden boats dating from the early 30s, kept in mint condition, and performing at their best.

The aura and style of the wooden boat tradition can be found in several lakefront restaurants with docks and buoys,  like Gar Woods, that bears the name of one most reputed wood boats designers and engineers, a venue where our family spent years ago the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Tahoe is also renowned for being a gambling Mecca, not only for the casinos on the lake shores but also for the proximity to Reno, the Las Vegas of California and the American divorce capital

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The colorful history of some Lake Tahoe casinos is associated with Mafia hoodlums and legendary movie stars

That is the fairy-tale of Calneva casino (syllabic-abbreviation California Nevada) with its location straddling the state line of California and Nevada which was owned by Frank Sinatra and frequented by the Kennedys, Marylyn Monroe, and Ava Gardner.

That’s Tahoe, a place o magic beauty, with many experiences to enjoy and to see the year-round, where we had the privilege to spend some vacation time when my son owned a log cabin on the lake shoreline.

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