Defeat in victory

8 May 1945 marks the end of the Second World War in Europe, but the conflict would continue in Asia and the Pacific region until the end of the year when Japan surrendered unconditionally to the American forces led by general Mac Arthur.

W W 2 would continue in the Pacific until end 1945

At the termination of the hostilities, that had started in 1939, over eighty million soldiers and civilians perished, in what would the first largest global war, involving almost all nations of the world,

In Europe there only four countries were not involved and remained neutral in the war, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. Minor states like Vatican, Andorra, and Monaco were not engulfed in the conflict as well.

In early 1940, with Germany taking over most Europe and gaining ground in North Africa, England seemed to have lost the war if it did not get timely crucial military assistance from America.

“The Darkest Hour” a recent movie on Churchill’s role in WW2

In the “darkest hour” of the British nation, when London and major English towns were bombarded daily by new weapons of mass destruction developed by Germany, the situation looked hopeless.

While the Royal family took refuge in the castle of Windsor, to avoid the bombardments, it was the energy and leadership of one man that turned the tide, motivating the troops and the civilian population to resist and fight back, personally leading the troops of  Britain’s the battlefront lines.

While Royal family took refuge in the castle of Windsor, Churchill led troops in the battlefront lines

That man was the then Prime Minister Winston Churchill, an individual with rare character and strength, who motivated his people to endure the adversities, like the Dunkirk massive allied troop evacuation, gaining the air battle over Britain and leading his nation to the final victory.

It would be expected, that in recognition of such bravery and leadership qualities, that in the first general elections, just two months after the end of the war, that Churchill would be reinstated as Prime Minister.

Winston Churchill winning war, defeated in times of Peace by Clement Atlee

That was not to be. The opposition, Labour Party, headed by Clement Atlee, who made vague promises about changes in governance, against all expectations and poll surveys won a landslide victory.

How short is the memory of the people, forgetting so quickly, the dedication and commitment of Winston Churchill during the war, rewarding him with defeat in times of Peace.

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