The Gift of a Kingdom

Prince Juan Carlos became king, not by choice of the people, but by the decision of the man that ruled Spain for 36 years before the monarchy was restored.

 Monarchies were on the decline in Southern Europe, Russia, and the Balkans nations, following wars changed the power of governance from a cluster of kingdoms to multiple republics.

The effect of the First World War was the annihilation of the Russian, Austro Hungary, and the German empires in 1918, while the Second World War brought the extinction of the kingdoms of Albania, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Italy.

The demise of Spain’s multi-continental empire led to a period on instability when Spain was proclaimed a republic and the grandfather of Juan Carlos, king Afonso XIII, was deposed in 1931.

The establishment of the republican regime in Spain was inspired by the Russian Marxist revolution with the prosecution of the Catholic Church and the institution of a proletarian society.

What followed was a merciless civil war and the victory of the nationalist cause forces led by General Francisco Franco in 1939.

Although Franco ruled the country with an iron fist for more than three and a half decades he did not initiate his own family dynasty but opted to restore the monarchy.

The Spanish Civil War left heavy scars and split the nation

The struggle had left heavy scars and split the nation, the reason why Franco decided that the unifying nation factor would be to restore the monarchy.

When most of Europe’s kingdoms and monarchies had vanished, Franco called on the grandson of King Afonso XVIII, Prince Juan Carlos, from exile and groomed him to become Spain’s sovereign.

It is unfortunate that the last years of Prince Juan Carlos constitutional reign were tainted by several scandals involving him and several members of the royal family, that made him abdicate and go into exile.

History was also unfair to Francisco Franco the man who gave Prince Juan Carlos the throne.

By decree of the current anti-nationalist government, Franco’s remains were exhumed, and moved to a cemetery in Madrid, far away from the Vale to Los Caidos, the monument honouring the civil war.

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