The man who could be President

With less than two weeks away from the American elections and hardly any probability of change in the political scenario, we wonder if the outcome of the ballot vote could have been different if one contender would have not decided to quit the race for the Presidency.

In the last quarter of 2019 one aspirant candidate spent over half a billion dollars in the campaign for the top executive post of the United States.

I happened to be in Florida during that period and I can understand how a contestant could have spent 410 million dollars on television to promote his image.

Watching the television ads frequently broadcasted on national and regional stations one would have come to the conclusion that the competitor was unopposed in the domination of the airwaves, a vital factor in the road to victory.

The money spent by this candidate during the short period of two months surpassed the combined television campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

The central theme of the ads of the campaign seemed coherent and lucid; conveying a moderate and unifying message for a diverse audience like America is today.

The communicator had vast and proven experience in politics, a former mayor of New York, the second most populated city in the country, presiding over the destiny of over eight million citizens for twelve years.*

Above all, Mike Bloomberg is one of the most successful businessmen in America, who owns Bloomberg LP, a company generating over ten billion dollars of revenue annually.

Bloomberg LP provides financial, software, data, and media information, used worldwide by companies that need an analytics and equity trading platform, as an essential tool to manage their businesses.

By the middle of March 2020, much to the surprise of the American public, Mike Bloomberg quit the chase for the White House and the campaign to defeat Trump.

In the same manner, as his company does for many businesses around the world, Mike Bloomberg made a cold and realistic analysis of his chances to win the election.

After participating in one television debate with several Democratic Party opponents, and mobilizing more than 2.500 thousand staffers in various states Mike Bloomberg suspended his campaign.

Mike Bloomberg could have been the President that America needed to bridge the gap between race, rich and poor, and extremist politics.

The reality is that American politics, like most democracies in our contemporary universe, are controlled by party structures interests, that do not choose the best man for the job based on credentials of experience and integrity and proven record in public administration.

The other factor is that demagogic and opportunist emotional motivations play a stronger influence among the electorate than the integrity and character of the candidate.

It was a sad development because, from what I have seen of his campaign, Mike Bloomberg could have been the President that America needed to bridge the gap between race, rich and poor, and extremist politics.

* New Jersey, the adjoining sister city of New York, has population of almost nine million.


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