The Last American President

It may an exaggerated statement but what it means is that Donald Trump was the last remaining link to the Pilgrim Fathers that came to the shores of a New Continent to establish the first English colony on American soil in the early 17th in the region that we know today as a New England and Massachusetts.

The reality is that country has changed so much in the last couple of years to the extent of being unrecognizable even for the Americans themselves.

America has changed so much since the Pilgrim Fathers to the extent of being unrecognisable even for the Americans themselves

America was always a nation of emigrants, mostly of Anglo-Saxon origin, which was the mainstay of society.

 Contrary to general belief, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database ,the forced emigration from Africa in the practice of slavery, from 1525 to 1866, of the over 10.7 million people during the colonization of  both to South  and North America, only a tiny percentage of just 288.000 people  were sent  to the United States.

Most of the slaves went to the Caribbean islands British plantations or to the Spanish and Portuguese and Portuguese colonies in South America.

The white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, the so-called W.A.S.P.s continued to be the upper class and dominant group of the population, even after the 1890s massive emigration influx from Southern and Eastern European countries.

This panorama changed drastically in the 1970s, when Asian and Latin American influx became the main driver of migration to the United States, a tendency that continued until today.

President Ronald Reagan’s illegal immigration amnesty legislation was also a major factor in the demographic changes.

Having visited America for the last twenty years, sometimes more than once per year, I was amazed to notice that a significant segment of the population could not speak English and that Spanish was the main communication “lingua franca” in quite a number of states.

Projections have been indicating that changing demographics and community cultures, combined with economic factors, would bring drastic changes to the American environment and social order.

Statues and monuments were removed from city main squares
States like Mississippi have already changed flags

Some quarters want to remove the Stone Mountain, Atlanta’s tribute to Confederate Southern army heroes, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Stonewall Jackson.
It’s a decision similar to Taliban destroying art in the Middle East

American history became in recent times a subject of debate and controversy, with statues and monuments that were icons of a type of civilization being removed from city main squares to be auctioned to private collectors.

Some American states are doing away with any link with the country’s past history and are even adopting new flags and symbols of governance.

There is still a substantial constituency of traditional America, demonstrated by more than seventy million Americans that voted for Donald Trump, but WASP hegemony does not exist any more.

It has been replaced by a hodgepodge of diverse cultural traditions that convey radical changes and critical shifts in politics like it just happened in the early November Presidential election.

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