Hillbilly’sTrump Country

J .D.Vance’s book “Hillbilly Elegy” was published in June 2016, a few months before the American Presidential election.

The essay storyline is a narrative of the frustration of the forgotten people of the Midwest and Appalachian country of the central regions of the United States.

It is a chronicle of the people with fewer job opportunities when globalization and changes in the economy collapsed the small-town industries.

The story of “Hillbilly Elegy “is also a characterization of the Americans, isolated from the rest of the world for generations, creating their own cultural values and social order.

“Hillbilly Elegy” a characterization of the Americans isolated from the rest of the world also featured in vintage comics

It was to this invisible society that lived in the Midwest states, with no means to overcome the existence of poverty, that Donald Trump exposed a plan to recover their dignity and a promise of a better future.

They voted overwhelming for the Trump promise of change and a chance for a different life.  

J .D.Vance’s tribute to America’s poor class got justified recognition from the literary reviews, including “The New York Times”, and above all, revealed the nature and temperament of the large segment of America that gave Trump the White House four years ago.

The chronic of the “hillbillies” and the people from backwoods, who live in remote mountains, has now been transferred to a movie, just released to challenge the race for next year’s Oscars.

The chronic of the “hillbillies” has now been transferred to a movie by Director Ron Howard

The picture has all the credentials to make it into the top spot, especially because it is signed by Ron Howard, the American director who has a long career in making excellent films.

The interminable list of Ron Howard’s successes includes “Da Vinci Code”, “Cocoon” and” A Beautiful Mind”, for which he received the prestigious Hollywood award statuette.

The promise that Trump made was not fulfilled and any achievements completely blurred by the advent of the Covid pandemic, which obliterated normal rational thinking to generate a world of anxiety and panic.

We have the book and the movie to explain Trump’s phenomenal rise and the people that in real-time are still searching for a life out of the woods of the Appalachian Mountains.

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