Indian Motorcycles

This morning when I was doing my daily walk on Bloubergstrand beach I met a proud owner of an “Indian”, one of the legendary icons of classic American motorcycles.

It may be not general knowledge that Indian was the first motorcycle with a V2 engine produced in America.

Indian motorcycles dominated the American market since 1901 for more than thirty years, used by the police and the armed forces during the two world wars.

Indian motorbikes established top speed records in America and Europe, for more than two decades winning major motorcycle racing events of the time, such as the first competition held in Daytona Beach track in Florida, the Isle of Man circuit in England.

Indian motorcycles contract to supply the government during the Second World War disrupted the make distribution dealership chain, depriving access of the brand to the market of civilian motorcycle enthusiasts, which led to a growing demand for Harley Davison.

Consequently, Indian motorcycle production was discontinued in the early fixities when its rival Harley Davison took over the American motorbikes market.

Indian bikes are part of American folklore culture

The aura and legendary history of Indian motorcycles were too powerful to be forgotten by classic bikes aficionados with the result that the make was resurrected and production resumed in 1998 for the enjoyment of the “Apache” logo fans.

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