Vaccine for all

In these pandemic days, families are separated and have to face different scenarios in the hope of a brighter future without Covid.

In South Africa, with a lot of unanswered questions in what concerns vaccination the crisis getting, day after day, more frightful, seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel.

With the world population over 7  billion, it will be a colossal task to give each and every single person that inhabits our planet the antidote to this virulent disease that daily is killing thousands of people.

Weston is a small town in Florida about half hour drive from Fort Lauderdale.

I have visited the area several times over the last ten years the main reason being that my family lives in one of the suburbs.

I was therefore pleased to know that Broward County, the area where Weston is situated, is implementing a systematic program to vaccinate all population, starting with seniors over 60, who will not be charged one single cent, to be immunized against the deadly virus.

Over 60 Florida residents line up for free anti COVID-19 vaccine

Moreover still related to the vaccination taking place in Florida there was a question raised concerning the vaccination of foreign visitors.

In this regard, we quote local newspaper “This is in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccination plan for Florida, which states: “The goal of the Florida COVID-19 Mass Vaccination plan is to immunize all Floridians and visitors who choose to be vaccinated.”

This policy of not checking addresses is already causing consternation among some full-time Florida residents, who believe they should have priority.”

The Jewish state of Israel started a vaccination programme in early as December 2020

Another example of a society of civic discipline and conscientious governance is the Jewish state of Israel which started vaccination programme as early as December 2020 and that had has already inoculated  25% of its people of which 75% of the country’s elderly.

The road ahead looks less promising for poorer nations of the world, comparing with more wealthy countries, which have secured timely payment for the precious life-saving potion.

Like hunger and poverty, the cure for the Covid pandemic will take longer to eradicate for less fortunate nations.

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