Castles in the Sand

Art has got no price. It can be worth millions or nothing.

The value and appreciation for a work of art depends on diverse culture and people perceptions.

 Art can be priceless during the brief moments of the performance of an orchestra soloist and its magic vanishes when the silence settles in.

The pandemic has not been kind to arts and culture is  in crisis.

People are spending less, and when you got to put food on the table for the family, arts are not a priority.

The entertainment industry and have been particularly hurt by Covid and individual artists are no exception.

In current difficult times what impresses most is the talented artist’s resilience in the face of adversity

For some artists like Reon , a gifted sand sculptor, who decided to take his studio to open-air on permanent display on the Bloubergstrand beach, the never-ending pursuit of expression of beauty fades away at sunset, to bring novel challenges with the sunrise of a new day.

When the waves of the restless tides break on the seashore and sink wonderful castles in the sand they carry for the artist that built them, the symbolism of accomplished dreams of beauty and, after that, the dawn of new creations.

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