Bush Wine Country

I was born in a wine country far away from South Africa in the vineyards region that is famous for centuries for the production of Port wine.

After the Napoleon wars a lot of British military officers and their families settled in Portugal.

That was the times of 1809, when Beresford was appointed Marshal of the Portuguese armed forces

Douro Valley region starting to produce Port Wine, a very unique kind of wine that became the preferred drink of the English gentlemen and the His Majesty Navy servicemen.

My grandfather and the ancestors before him were Douro valley wine making farmers.

The author, Christine Fortuin from Darling Cellars Proelokaal and Gina Fernandes

I grew up in unmechanized times, in the midst of the original and traditional ways of making wine, when everything was done by hand and labor-intensive,  from starting new vineyards to harvesting.

My first experience with South African wines was with the Stellenbosch region but I also came to the conclusion that Pearl wines were also very appealing.

When I settled in Cape Town, not far from the Durbanville wine route, I fell in love with Bloemendale wines, but when they changed their taste and range I became disappointed.

That was when one day I ventured into the Cape Northwest Coastal area and happened to find  Darling Cellars, a winery retreat in a very pleasant and tranquil ambiance, that reminded me of my old own wine farm in Northern Portugal.

Douro Valley vineyards

The bush wine cultivation, the terroir, the poor and rocky soil, and dry climate conditions, which are typical of the Darling region looked like the vineyards in the Douro Valley.

Although I was raised in the wine county, and I was even a wine trader for a couple of years, my “motto” about wine is:” the more I taste and enjoy wine the less I know about it”.

You can elaborate for hours with all the jargon terms and connoisseur knowledge about wine

 To judge wine is a very personal choice. What you like is what pleases you.

Behind the unassuming cotagy estate gates of Darling Cellars tasting room, there is a range of very distinctive aroma, taste, and complexion white and red wines.

Those are the attributes that I find in the Darling Cellars Merlots, Chardonnays, and even some blends like Sir Charles Darling.

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