Nobody can ignore the turmoil that Harry and Megan’s interview with Opera Winfield created not only around the world but, more importantly inside Buckingham Palace.

Thousands of hours of news broadcasts worldwide tried to find new angles and an explanation to one of the most controversial conversations of the young royals with the doyenne of American media.

The opinions are divided.

Some think that the British crown is unfairly treated by the interview revelations, while others are supportive of the “exiled “royal couple.

Many people could never understand how Diana’s sons, who walked behind her hearse on the sad day of 6th September 1997, could have pardoned the “British Monarchy Outfit “for the circumstances leading to the death of their mother.

When we take a glance over tabloids over the last twenty years, we were puzzled to see the young Harry and his Brother William participating in the customary Buckingham balcony ceremonial appearances, along with some members of the royal family that may have contributed to Princess Diana undoing.

Very few members of the royal family have defied the influence of court clique mentors and guardians of the traditions of the royal heritage.

Edward VIII was the only bold exception in contemporary times when he gave up the crown to marry an American divorcee.

Harry and Megan’s interview with Ophra confirmed, what is general knowledge, that there is inside the Royal circle and entourage of councellors and confidants that formulate major decisions and policies that rule crown family members.

The topic that generated more controversy was the accusation that racism exists inside the English monarchy.

However, the reason why the interview was given was to clarify and explain the sudden walkout on the nobility and royalty atmosphere and to move to America.

“I did not want to happen the same that happened to my mother “said Harry.

That was in a nutshell the main statement of the interview.

Harry saw the physical and mental danger for his wife and child and the repetition of Princess Diana’s unfortunate fate.

The English “system acolytes”, bankers, press barons, and television anchormen, that the author Quentin Letts labels as  “Patronising Bastards”, may consider the interview with Ophra an act of defiance to the crown.

Conversely, unlike his brother, what Harry did, was to unmask the hypocrisy of the British society and honor the memory of his mother, Princess Diana.  

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