Soylent Green Planet

In 1973 Metro Goldwyn Meyer released a movie called “Soylent Green”, a prophetic picture that predicted Earth’s conservation calamity in the year 2022.

Looking back half a century after the movie was produced the actual events taking place on our planet seem more real than the science fiction film.

“Soylent Green” is one of those worth revisiting classic movies, via internet streaming, because it resonates with the contemporary message of the attempt to decarbonize the planet, as a worthy cause and the effort to avoid the apparently inevitable ecological catastrophe.

The concept of protecting our environment has ample following among liberal countries, where democracy is a respected and venerated institution.

Unfortunately the world today is divided in two different types of the social order.

One that t we call democracies, where governments respect the actions and demands of civil liberties groups, and the other where freedom of expression and human rights do not exist.

The two systems of living have created diverse approaches to environmental protection, labor rights, and economic growth strategies.

China and India represent 30 % of the world population and 37 % of the earth’s   pollution.

Both countries do not seem to be bothered about the environmental impact, air pollution, and manufacturing emissions of their industries, because it would bring disadvantageous costs for the profitability of their business operations.

Regarding labor rights, there are none in China and in India there are no equal job opportunities between the underprivileged poor and the super-rich, what translates into cheaper manufacturing cost In both countries.

Protecting the Earth’s future is a vision that unfortunately is not shared or implemented by the major industrialized nations in the world.

For the industrial giant’s polluters, epitomized in the “Soylent Green” movie, conservationism is a myth that will not change the face of the world.

The real consequence for democratic societies, that abide by ecological ideals, is that millions of their countrymen keep losing their jobs, while employment goes to countries, where GDP growth is the key priority, and that consider all campaigns to defend ”green planet” a fruitless and naïve exercise.

Actual events taking place on our planet seem more real than “Soylent Green” science fiction film

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